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Developed using CBSE Books and Exemplar

What is IndiaExamPrep ?

The IndiaExamPrep App provides the ability to prepare for Indian exams (NCERT / CBSE / State syllabi ) on your own by reading the summary of each chapter and answering chapter-wise questions without the help of teachers. Additionally, for grades 9 and 10, Chapter wise videos are available too. Great way to learn incrementally by repeating the practice tests till you are comfortable in a given chapter. Available in English, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi. Content for the chapter summary and questions/answers is sourced from NCERT books and Exemplar websites.

Why is IndiaExamPrep built?

Education in India is mandatory for all children from ages six to fourteen and is provided free of charge at Government schools. There are millions of students in India who lack access to high-quality education that could help them, and our society, grow. Digital solutions are critical in bridging the gap in education. Free open source apps like Khan Academy do not cater to all of the Indian syllabi completely & commercial apps are too expensive for many. IndiaExamPrep app is Free and provides chapter wise summary, videos, questions and answers for CBSE and State boards. Additionally, this app is light-weight to run in low bandwidth environments.

Who can benefit from IndiaExamPrep ?

  1. STUDENTS: Students from grade 6 to 10 can use this app to study chapter wise before their assessments, mid-term and other exams in each grade. Students can select CBSE or STATE boards. They can choose Math / Science / Social studies for each grade and read the chapter summary first. They can attempt the questions for each chapter. Students can read the answers and explanations and learn how to answer similar questions. This has videos for chapter wise content for grades 9 and 10.
  2. NGOs: Non Government Organisations can use this app to conduct tests and identify students for
    • Providing scholarships for students who are performing well
    • Providing special attention to those who are not doing well in school exams

No Ads, No hidden fees, completely free for students !!

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Competitions and Assessments Scheduled

Name of SchoolNumber of students
receiving prizes
Total Prize Money (Rs)
Swabhimaan Grade 833000
Swabhimaan – Grade 922000
Swabhimaan – Grade 1066000
Swabhimaan – NIOS Students88000
SVGH School, Marteru1510,500
BDZP Girls High School, Marteru106,000
Doddakanelli School105,000
Merit Scholarships – 2023 480,000
In addition to the scheduled assessments above, over 600 students attempted the sample tests across India on adhoc manner

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